Building Permit Requirements

  1. Land Use Compliance Form – The staff of the building inspection department will issue this form to you in our office.

You will need this form to obtain your 911-address and your well / septic tank permits. If you are building WITHIN the city limits of Meigs, Ochlocknee, Coolidge or Boston, you are required to bring the Compliance Form from that City Clerk.

If your property has been surveyed, a copy of the survey is required by our office.

(NOTE: If this is an existing lot of record, the 911 address must be verified, and the septic system in place at this site must be approved by the Health Department as suitable for the new structure.)

Take the Land Use Compliance form to the 911-addressing office, located in the same building. Their staff will GPS and assign your new address for your construction. The phone number at the 911- addressing office is 229- 227-3242.

The well / septic tank permits are issued by the Thomas County Health Department, also located in the same building. Their staff will explain the procedures for well/septic permits. The phone number for their staff is 229-226-4241, extension 7360.

2. Plan SubmittalPlan review takes approximately 5-7 days.

PLAN REVIEW WILL NOT BE COMPLETED WITHOUT ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION AS STATED ON PLAN REVIEW SUBMITTAL FORM. No plans/drawings will be accepted without 911 address validation and septic tank permit approval forms.

3. After the construction plans have been approved, the Building Permit will be issued to the State Licensed Contractor (or homeowner) and all necessary forms will be signed and filed in this office. All fees will be collected when the Building Permit is issued.

****NOTE: Contractor must be licensed by the STATE OF GEORGIA and registered with our office.

For your convenience we have included a submittal guide for you to follow:

Plan Submittal Guide