Emergency Medical Service

Thomas County Emergency Medical Services serves all of Thomas County Georgia, and all municipalities within Thomas County Georgia. We operate 6 Advanced Life support ambulances and 1 extrication unit housed out of 5 stations. Our 6th unit is operated in collaboration with Thomas County Fire Rescue Personnel in Ochlocknee. These units provide emergency medical care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our department consists of 37 Paramedics, 13 Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians, 5 Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate’s, and 1 Cardiac Technician. Each shift consists of 13 medical providers that work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Thomas County Emergency Medical Services also provides emergency medical support for special events within the community throughout the year with our bike team. The bike team is a combination of our staff that is deployed either on foot, by UTV, or on bicycles, which enables them to provide rapid medical support during events.

Station Locations:


1202 Remington Ave.

Station 1

100 South Crawford Street

Station 2

1750 S. Pinetree Blvd.

Station 3

2600 County Line Rd.

TCFR Station 8

3045 South Main St.

Ochlocknee, Ga

Tim Coram, Director of Emergency Medical Service

Tim Coram