Board of Equalization


The Board of Equalization are citizen panels that make determinations in appeals of property valuation. Board of Equalization are managed by the Clerk of Superior Court. Board of Equalization are comprised of property owners appointed by the Grand Jury of this county. The Board has 3 members and 3 alternate members that meet with tax payers to hear tax appeal issues. In order to become a board member, you must meet the qualification. To qualify, you must be competent to serve as grand jurors, be a property owner of Thomas County, have reached the age of 18 years, and be a high school graduate. You must also be available to attend the hearings, currently set on Wednesdays. Each new member must complete 40 hours of certified training before he or she can participate as a member of the board and each year after complete an 8 hour continuous education class. Appointments to the Board of Equalization are 3 year terms commitments. The Grand Jury meets in October of each year to appoint any new board members.

BOE Application for 2023 October Term

Citizen’s Review Panel for Juvenile Court



The Clerk of the Juvenile Court is required to fill any available spots for the Citizen’s Review Panel.. In order to be qualified for the panel, you must fill out an application, take a background check, and attend training classes. The Panel meets every month with the parents and Department of Family and Children services to make recommendations on ways to keep families together. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court office at 229-225-4108 and speak with Ms. Latasha for applications and training information.