Schedule of Filing and Court Costs

Standing Order Mandating and Governing Electronic Filing in Civil Cases-click here to view order

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Civil Cases –

SB322 Changes filing fees as of July 1, 2024

General Civil--$218, plus applicable service fees. ALL cases except: 1) Family violence; 2) Abandoned motor vehicle actions; and 3) Incoming transfers.

· Family Violence Petitions. No filing or sheriff’s service fees.

· Abandoned Motor Vehicle--$156.00, plus service fees.

· Motor Vehicle Judgment Certificate--$3.00.

· Incoming transfer--$50.00.

Motions or petitions requesting an order filed 30 or more days after judgment or dismissal require a new action filing cost--$62.

· Subpoenas--$5.00 per subpoena, $20.00 to serve.

Appeals to Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals –

Preparation of Record, per page--$1.00.

Transcript Filing and Submission, per transcript--$35.00.

Copying Transcript Where Required, per page--$1.00.

Entering Remittitur—No charge.

Per Seal and Certification (in addition to all other costs)--$2.00.

Sheriff’s Service Fees –

Per Copy Served, General--$50.00.

Action from Another County--$50.00.

· If in another State, You must contact them for the correct amount.

Per Garnishee Served --$50.00.

Per Tenant in Dispossessory Action--$25.00.

Recording Costs (Deeds and Real Estate) – ***January 1, 2020 Recording fees will be $25.00 per document***

Deeds--$25.00 feah document.

Cancellation of Security Deed--$25.00 for each cancellation.

Cancellation of Liens--$25.00 for each cancellation.

Assignments of Security Deeds—Per Deed Assigned--$25.00.

Other Recording in Deed Records--$25.00.

Plats, Maps and Condominium Floor plans--$10.00 per page.

Real Estate Notice Filing (all UCC’s 1 & 3 aka old UCC2)-$25.00 each.

E-Filing with GSCCCA Click here. (Phone: 404-327-9760, Website:

E-Filing with CSC Click here. (Phone: 866-652-0111, Website:

Liens and General Execution Docket –

General Execution or Lien Recording--$25.00.

Cancellation or Release or GED--$25.00.

Materialmans Liens--$25.00.

Lis Pendens--$25.00.

Lis Pendens Cancellations or Release--$25.00.

Hospital Lien, Hospital Cancellation or Release--$25.00.

Federal Tax Lien or Federal Tax Lien Discharge--$25.00.

Federal Tax Lien Release or Subordination--$25.00.

Uniform Commercial Code –

Financing Statement $25.00.

Amendment or Assignment (UCC-3)--$25.00.

Continuation (UCC-3)--$25.00.

Termination or Release (UCC-3)--$25.00.

Other Recordings –

Veteran Discharge—No Charge.

Bar Admission Documents—No Charge.

Notary Public Applications –

Issuance of New Certificate--$55.00.


Certificate of Authority--$2.00 each

Trade Name Registration –

Trade name application costs $175.00.

Miscellaneous Costs –

Copy, Uncertified, per page--$.50.

Copy, Uncertified, if assistance is required, per page--$1.00.

Copy, 11x17--$2.00

Copy, Certified or Exemplified, first page--$2.50.

Each page after first--$0.50.