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Fourth Year in a Row With No Tax Hike

 Thomasville, Georgia, 21 July 2017 --- The Thomas County Board of Commissioners will set 2017 property tax rates at its regular meeting on 22 August 2017.  County Manager Mike Stephenson is recommending a reduction in the tax rate for the fourth year in a row.  Millage rates are listed below by tax district:

             District                       2016 Millage Rates                2017 Millage Rates - Proposed      

            Incorporated                              9.210                                        9.200

            Unincorporated                         7.845                                        7.724              

            Emer. Serv.                               1.770                                        1.764              

            Fire District 1                             3.195                                        3.149              

            Fire District 2                             3.182                                        3.123              

            Fire District 3                             2.364                                        2.353              

 “Though the reductions each year have been modest, we are moving consistently in the right direction”, Stephenson noted.  Annual improvements in the County’s financial position are cited below:

1.    County health benefits and pension plan costs have leveled off

2.    All county departments are controlling routine expenses on a regular basis

3.    Sales tax revenues are increasing

4.    Insurance premium tax revenues are increasing

“I’m also confident that recent actions taken by the Board of Commissions will yield similar results in the future”, Stephenson stated.  The closing of the county prison is projected to reduce operating costs in 2018 by an estimated $500,000.  The contracting of Emergency Medical Service billing functions with a private provider will result in minimum revenue increase of $500,000 annually.   The cross-training of Firefighters and EMTs will stabilize Emergency Services personnel costs while increasing service coverage.

The Board of Commissioners will set tentative tax rates at its next regular meeting, Tuesday, July 25th at 6:00 p.m. in the Historic Courthouse.

For more information please contact Mike Stephenson at 229-225-4100.


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